Love clutters up our lives–

with emotions and children and unwashed dishes.

We could live such streamlined lives,

if only

we could jettison

love and entanglements–

We could have stainless steel appliances and dinner at bistros

without responsibility


to wrap around us

with sticky little fingers

on our best white blouse.


2 thoughts on “Clutter

  1. I’m not much of a poet. That’s why I write haiku. I feel that with a setup of only three lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables then 5 syllables there is less of a chance of me mucking up. But you know what you’re doing. I’ve read several poets and I admire the poetry of Poe and Emily Dickinson and I taught poetry as a grad student at Pitt if you can believe that. I’m not making it up. So, I do recognize good poetry when I read it and now I have a new poet to study. I have your poetry to read. This poem nicely captures the joys and messiness of domesticity. This poem makes me happy I never married and had children while at the same time it makes me sad that missed out on the joy.

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