Since we met

my heart has learned to parkour—

leaps from emotion to emotion

and ways to balance

to keep

in motion

to keep

the momentum

to keep


At some point

the acrobatics

will stop

and I

will be in a safe place.

jeanmichelle 4-5-13 draft


Gloria Mundi

Gloria Mundi

This glory is fleeting,
no news there.
sic transit gloria mundi–
such a grand sounding way to say
it all goes to shit eventually.
the tide will turn,
the flower will die,
the leaves will fall.
Marvell wooed his mistress with such sentiments.
‘Fuck me while you still are young and moist,’
he says in Elizabethan terms.
Today, the rappers still are wooing virgins
with the threat of growing old before they come;
in a post-apocalyptic shock,
the virgins count their money
and say yes.


photo of church by Sophie Patry

(Photo by Sophie Patry.)

Sometimes this burden is too much–
The onus on the perfect one to be an example of relationship, parent, lover?

The shining star,
The ‘good one’–
How is the weight of such goodness
borne without
without collapsing under the
foundation of sophistry?
Surely the cracks in the facade
are meeting around the middle,
soon the adulations will
because my bare and black soul
has finally reached
the air.



I could never be a lotus-eater, lying indolent on the rocks,
listening to the siren’s call.
I have, however, been indulgent and languishing,
but not dangerously comatose, forswearing all movement
in a sweet inertia; submerged in the sun, swishing my tail
With the beat of the wave against the stones.
Rolling, undulating, sighing with the doldrum nothingness
Of mermaid scales flashing in the sun,
(No siren calls louder than my own hungers)
I have none of the genes of addiction to time’s vacuum, the drowsy slide
into moments which become an eternity of doing nothing,
of rolling endlessly and forever in the arms of Morpheus.
I suppose what I have been
is my own siren, calling out,
any ambition
to move forward…

jeanmichelle finished 5-1-13