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Danny Boy

Beautiful rendition of “Danny Boy”.

Charlotte Hoather


Charlotte Hoather and Marcus Kitchen

I arrived home last night on the train from Glasgow and it was a little too late to check my video and write this post.  So I was up early before work and managed to upload this performance of Danny Boy from my concert in St. Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Edinburgh. I am just on my tea break so I thought I would finish the post and let you have a listen 🙂

 Danny Boy is a ballad written by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly in 1910.  It was set to the tune of ‘Londonderry Air’ in 1913.

The musical genre is ‘Folk Song’.  There are a few variations to the lyrics and various theories to the meaning, I feel that it’s a message from a girl saying goodbye to her boyfriend as he’s going off to war.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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Shamelessly plugging this book in which I have a short story.
Warning: these are not sappy love stories. They involve meanness, zombies, and vampires. Some of the lovers are broken, and some of them actually get a happy ending. But only one or two.
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