First snow.


I Shall Be Mistress

robe and crop

Shall we play that game that is all the rage

because of that book.

You know the book I mean?

I shall be Mistress,

and you shall be my willing


I have this collar of velvet,

and a leash of silk.

Over there, that divan is covered in fur

as soft as down–I will

lay your naked body face down,

and make you do

unspeakable things.

I must warn you, though–

I am descended from Machiavelli and De Sade,

and my interpretation of those shades will be a harder kind of

fan fiction,

way beyond the sparkle of twilight.


Caveat Empty

Caveat Empty

lincoln park photo

I rejoice in thinking of you

without disharmony, —

in the ability of knowing

you no longer

own my most painful

rejection, my foolishness of heart,

that thought I held that I was something in your nothingness.

I can accept that I was a

stepping stone, a conquering underneath

your foot

to a higher plane of existence,

to memory long forgotten before

my perfume left your pillow.


Nov-92, revised 11–9-14

Tectonic Shift

Tectonic Shift

She thought, perhaps, the world

might end if she wasn’t perfect–

if she didn’t do as


She tested her theory

with a straying of the heart.

And, of course, the world did not end.

She wondered if, perhaps, she wasn’t quite

unperfect enough to test the theory,


there were further indiscretions,


the world was still standing.

Or so it seemed.

She thought, perhaps, the world would end

if she was less than perfect.

And, perhaps, it did.

4-5-90, revised 11-3-14IMG_1235

Presidential Pokémon have our vote as today’s coolest fan art

For my Pokemon friends.


PP 10

Japanese animation and video games have a long-standing tradition of creating cute and/or super powered versions of prominent figures from the country’s history. In the U.S., we don’t really do this as often, and you might jump to the conclusion that the deck is stacked in Japan’s favor, seeing as how so many of their rulers were also katana-carrying samurai.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll find plenty of action protagonist potential among American presidents, from Abraham Lincoln’s wrestling skills to Andrew Jackson’s well-documented love of shooting dudes. And as for making them adorable? Leave that to Utah artist Brandon Dayton, who’s reimagined nine Pokémon as U.S. heads of state.

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