Circe in Drag (draft)

These shoes barely fit my feet,  but I saunter along in them anyway. I have been on the street for only a week, but I have made a lot of money. My brown eyes, and my smooth young skin attract all sorts of customers to me. I can make enough in the first two hours to stop and get a room, so I can skip the scary parts of the nights.

This life is  not what I would have chosen, but it is the only life I know at the moment. The others on the prowl look jagged darts at me as I invade their part of the district, but there is nothing they can do because of my caste. I am a Tkinect, and we are of the ruling class here on this planet, and our venom is the purest. So if the others leave me alone, I will  let them have a taste. This  will keep them  going as they offer their customers a less pure, but still potent [taste] of the heaven that the ‘nauts off the space ships come to this place to buy on the black market.

My venom supplies a ‘naut with two hours of memories of his/her home planet, and my soothing touch will give them a peak experience, much sweeter than the whores two streets over.


2 thoughts on “Circe in Drag (draft)

  1. libbycole007 says:

    Wow, you’ve got me hooked in three paragraphs! Great story.

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